Medicine and Surgery


The NUSU-FOMS aspires to be one of the leading institutions at both national and international levels and the most respected program of its kind that provides up-to-date medical education, quality health research and trusted partnership with the community and other health sectors.


The NUSU-FOMS strives towards developing the highest standards of educational excellence, health-related research, and appropriate social responsibility to produce medical practitioners who are ethical professionals, lifelong learners, innovative, critical thinkers aware of diversity and local, regional and global health issues.


The NUSU-FOMS values are: (1) obligations to manage community health problems, treat families and individuals with personal and professional integrity, consideration, and mutual respect, (2) commitment to honesty, truthfulness, and respect to human dignity, (3) fair treatment of all people and employees, with no discrimination on the bases of ethnicity, morphology,  religion or ideology, (4) promotion of democracy values, hard work, perseverance, commitment to success, accepting responsibility and accountability for one’s conduct and obligations, and (5) maintaining good reputation and positive image in the community as a trusted partner through excellent care of the individual and families, and readiness for accountability in health services, environmental problems and other relevant problems.