Home Vision, Mission and Objective



 To be a world-class leading provider of higher education in Sudan. This includes aspects of the elegance of environment and structures, excellence of curricula and learning strategies, as well as the aim is to have quality management systems, the commitment of investors, and employees to customer satisfaction (students, relatives, and regulators). Distinguished graduates in academic, general ethical standards, and concern with professionalism and original research production.



1 - Constantly strive to provide efficient and best-in-class professionals, in their specialties
2 - Meet and exceed our customer needs and expectations
3 - Stay ahead of the competition by creating safe and rewarding workplace facilities and innovating new quality output, services and relationships.



1- Obligations to treat the public and one another with personal and professional integrity, consideration, and mutual respect.

2- Commitment to honesty, truthfulness, respect for human dignity, and professional ethical behavior.

3- Fair treatment of all citizens, international staff and employees, with no discrimination,on the basis of morphology or ideology. 

4- Promotion of democratic values, hard work, perseverance, commitment to success, accepting responsibility and accountability for one’s conduct and obligations .

5- Creating and maintaining a respected reputation and positive image in the community as a trusted partner through excellent care of the individual and family, and responsibility towards the community and environmental problems and concern.