Home Objectives

1- Develop and review student affairs policies and procedures.

2- Develop information access aids such as indexes and lists related to student records, needs, talent and history of conduct.

3- Receive the new intake of students and offer them the necessary publications and induction material.

4- Arrange the social, cultural, and recreational activities of the university and students.

5- Supervise students’ accommodations as well as keep updated records of locations of student’s hostels.

6- Assist students in their personal and academic development as well as assist   student guardians in providing information about their children’s academic and social performance.

7- Liaison with the student’s bodies regarding student leisure facilities and student financial assistance.

8- Encourage students to participate in social responsibility with their surrounding community

9- Organize with other deans student internal and external exchange academic trips. Ensure that the trip preparations guarantee safety and integrity of our students.

10- Responds to satisfaction/complaint reports from students and guardians.

11- Connect students with university social workers in case they need any social or academic support.