NUBRI-National University of Biomedical Research Inistitute

NUBRI was established in 2015 as the National University Research Center at the National University-Sudan to train manpower and build capabilities in molecular biology and bioinformatics. In 2017, the Center was approved as an Excellence of Center and became the National University Biomedical Research Institute (NUBRI) in 2018. Today, NUBRI establishes itself as a world-class research institute in biomedical sciences with a focus on major fields:

·         Infectious diseases

·         Bioinformatics

·         Genomics

·         Proteomics

·         Structural Biology and Drug Discovery

·         Computational Biology and Data Sciences

Our Research capabilities are focused on

·         Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development for Infectious Disease

·         Computational and Systems Biology

·         Pathogen Genomics

·         Antibiotics Resistance Drug

·         Human Genetics

·         Immunology