Dental Medicine and Surgery

The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Surgery was established as a program in 2006 and promoted to a faculty in 2012. In a very short time it acquired an eminent place among global dental schools due to its continuous development, academic excellence and coping with updated international dental graduate competencies.

The faculty is also distinguished by a competent academic staff, teaching assistants, and skillful highly trained dental laboratory technicians. The dental clinics and laboratories at National University are well equipped to ensure optimum training environment.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Surgery/ NUSU has a great role in community services through collaborating with different health authorities in country to adopt school health and community dental health awareness programs. Moreover, the faculty offers an accurate dental treatment services for patients and the community.  

The faculty started with a few number of students -not more than 10- then the acceptance rate of students raised gradually due to increased number of applicants who are attracted by the marvelous reputation of the faculty and university. To accommodate large numbers of the accepted students there is simultaneous expansion of the facilities of the faculty (i.e. Dental clinics and labs).

The curriculum adopted by the faculty is continuously updated according to international dental curricula in different accredited universities around the world.