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The National University has taken several measures to ensure the start of a developmental movement that includes all its internal processes and outputs. Therefore, the university has paid great attention to quality management, believing in their importance in supporting the developmental movement of the university, and achieving the desired ambitions. Therefore, the university established a number of units related to skills development, technical environment, Informatics and others. In this context, National University established Quality Department on 2009 under the name Quality Department.

The establishment of an independent quality department was important in the early stages of the developmental movement, as this stage required the existence of an independent entity concerned with strategic planning and communication with international expert houses, assistance in building systems at the institutional and programmatic levels, communication with accreditation bodies and training of cadres.

The university achieved its goals through the quality management work on integrating data related to the implementation of the strategic plan with those related to performance measurement to prepare accurate quality reports that help in decision-making and improvement plans.