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The expected outcomes of the establishment of the Center are:

a.Supporting the UN’s SDGs agenda related to achieving inclusiveness in education around the world by 2030

b. Positioning NUSU as a regional center of excellence for global education and training 

c. Fostering global education as a strategy for creating cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship

d. Preparing NUSU’s students to be internationally competent and globally employable

e. Providing opportunities for faculty members to acquire relevant international teaching and research skills

f.Providing improved services to international students and visiting scholars on NUSU’s campus and the local community

g.Enhancing the enrolment opportunities for international students particularly from low-income families, women and socially marginalized minorities

h.Developing research partnerships that will have intellectual value, sustainability and great impact

i.Benchmarking with global academic and research institutions on various aspects including the development of high quality curriculum