Home Vision, Mission and Objectives

The Center for Global Education and Training will help NUSU to deepen its position a leader in global education in Africa and the Middle East. This vision includes a commitment to create the appropriate learning atmosphere, build bridges of communication and trust and create an encouraging, safe and pleasant space for learning from and learning with the others, where everyone feels self-confident and has a sense of belonging.  The Center’s emphasis will be focused on international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the integration of knowledge with experience to approach the complex problems of the world ethically and thoughtfully.


a) The mission of the Center for Global Education and Training is to provide leadership, cooperation and foster teamwork on global education initiatives by helping to shape and implement the agenda for global education on the campus. In this regard, the Center’s key priorities are to:

b) Collaborate with faculty to create synergies and complementarities that are needed to foster global education and internationalize the curriculum

Advocate for and help to implement programs of study and academic experiences that prepare students to be globally competent

c) Identify and support faculty in seeking opportunities to acquire relevant international teaching and research experiences

d) Serve the international students and visiting scholars on the campus and the local community

e) Engage with student organizations, academic departments and other units through dialogue and knowledge sharing to promote cross-cultural understanding on the campus and in the local community to foster a sense of global awareness.



The ultimate purpose of the Center is to develop knowledge-based value of global issues and relevant skills in order to build attitudes for responsible global citizenship at individual and collective levels. This objective is anchored to the conviction that global education is a holistic perspective in education that aims to help students understand the complex realities and processes of today’s world and develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable them to face the diverse challenges of globalization an.  By promoting an understanding of different cultures and fostering the role of people as dynamic actors for a more just and equal world for all, the Center aims to help learners develop visionary attitudes that lead to critical thinking on some of the complex processes leading to violence and conflict at individual, collective, national and global levels, and be aware of the ways in which these conflicts can be prevented or resolved. 

With this in view, NUSU understands global education to encompass sustainable development education, human rights and social justice education, education for peace and conflict prevention and intercultural education; being the global dimension of education for global citizenship. As such, the Center aims at stimulating and motivating NUSU’s learners and educators to approach global issues through innovative teaching and pedagogy, and to develop a conducive learning environment in which learners and educators are encouraged to work cooperatively and share knowledge on how to address gender, ethnic, religious, social-economic, political and cultural differences.

Finally, NUSU sees the Center as an instrument to enhance its opportunities for global engagement by increasing the enrollment of international students and increasing opportunities for Sudanese faculty and students to participate in outstanding and enriching international programs.  By doing this, the University intends to provide students with the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of global education and international work.