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Future students

If you believe that you can change the world with your academic skills then you can surely be our future student.

Best Curriculum

Best Curriculum

We are dedicated at providing the most well researched and best curriculum for our students.

Our Community

We have huge community of staff and students who strive to change the world with us and help each other succeed.
Our Community

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Our alumni are among the nations top graduates who have gone on to succed in their respective fields across the globe.



Welcome to National University

We welcome you at the National University, Sudan for the new academic year. This year we received Batch 11 in the disciplines of medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, Batch ten in dentistry, radiography and health computing and informatics, and Batch seven in nursing, medical laboratories, and administrative sciences. We aspire to add, next year, faculties of diplomatic & international studies, electrical and civil engineering and architecture. With these programmes NUSU is the first institution of higher education in Sudan to grow at such speed, and establish holistic disciplines in a record time.

May God bless and help you all,
Professor Qurashi M. Ali

University News

E-learning And The Digital Divide Role In Transforming Higher Education In Sudan:

Presentation entitled:
E-learning and the Digital Divide Role in Transforming Higher Education in Sudan: An Exploratory Case Study Analysis It was a great honor and privilege to have our paper accepted for the ..


Welcome message

 National University-Sudan community congratulates and welcomes the newly incoming students.

The university provides apt conducive environment to enable students to achieve their goals and express their talents.

Registration Process Newly Admitted Students

  1. Attend to the university and meet the faculty registrar in the hall (GF-8) to ensure that the student’s name is included in the electronic admission statement.

  2. Submit the:

 2.1 Original high secondary school certificate

 2.2  Copy of the National Identification\passport

 2.3 Six photographs.

  1. Payment of the tuition fees in any of the accredited banks from the university.

  2. Receive the registration form after confirming that the documents mentioned in item (2) are submitted.

  3. Receive and informed about the students’ manual, regulations and policy.

  4. Submit a signed copy of the acknowledgment statement of receiving both regulations and students’ manual by the student and his parents (guardians).

  5. Deliver the payment receipt (bank notification) to the registrar.

  6. Medical examination (check up) and interview.

  7. University identification card (ID) extraction.

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Access your results and attendance log here


Useful resources available to students & staff

Important information

Student regulations, policies and procedures



Obligations to treat the public and one another with personal and professional integrity, consideration and mutual respect.

Commitment to honesty, truthfulness, respect for human dignity , and professional ethical behavior. 

Fair Treatment of all citizens and employees, with no discrimination on the basis of morphology or ideology.

Promotion of democracy values, hard work, perseverance, commitment to success, accepting responsibility and accountability for one’s conduct and obligations.

Creating and maintaining a respected respected reputation and positive image in the community as a trusted partner through excellent care of the individual and family, and responsibility towards the community and environmental problems and concerns.


          The VISSION of the National University is to be a world-class leading provider of private higher education in the Sudan, in the aspects of elegance of environment and structures, excellence of curricula and learning strategies, quality of management system, commitment of investors and employees to customer satisfaction (students, relatives and regulators), distinguished graduates in academic, general ethical standards, and concern with professionalism and original research production.


          The MISSION is to:

  1. constantly strive to provide efficient and best-in-class professionals, in their specialties.
  2. meet and exceed our customer needs and expectations.
  3. stay ahead of the competition by creating safe and rewarding workplace facilities and innovating new quality output, services and relationships in transparent, honest and fair business.