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Academic Affairs


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Academic Affairs Dean

Prof. Abdelgadir Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla

Secretary of Academic Affairs.

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Mr. El-sammani

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Secretory – Academic Affairs Office

Ms. Azza Adil Fouad Mustafa

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I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the National University Sudan (NUSU). As a chief academic secretary/ officer of NUSU, I am responsible for providing strategic vision, leadership and management for the academic affairs Division of the NUSU. The Division of The Academic Affairs is the core organization of the University that takes the leading role and initiatives in designing educational strategy, academic policies, program analysis, institutional accreditation, staff development and continuous improvement. To that end, the Academic Affairs supports NUSU’s mission by encouraging excellence and innovation in teaching in more    than 11 disciplines, facilitating operational excellence in administrative and support areas that relate to academic services including registration, admissions, scheduling, examinations, students counseling and other related  activities, students’ development and community engagement.


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Academic Affairs

Date of Establishment

Established in 2005 as a medical programme in the National College for Medical and Technical Studies. In 2014, the programme was renamed as “Faculty of Medicine” as part of the college being promoted to a university.

Name of the University

National University – Sudan

Full Address

Academic Affairs, National University- Sudan, El-Raqi Area, P.O box: 3783 Khartoum 11111, SUDAN.


The Office of Academic Affairs performs a variety of duties and services within the National University, Sudan (NUSU). A primary function is review, approval and follows up of new degree program within NUSU academic regulations and the MHESR. The office maintains relationships with other universities, through routine communication and collaboration with the provosts of each institution, maintains professional development programs for faculty members and academic advisors through supports to student and more. Guided high ethical standards, commitment and to innovation and respect to diversity and support public services that improve community. The office anticipates, creates, and response to challenges and dynamic changes in learning and with support the E- learning.


Dynamic and effective organization, committed to high quality of education and continuous improvement in learning strategies and academic services through faculty, staff and students.