Result-Nursin & Midwifery

Result OF Nursing & Midwifery Sciences

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
1Sem 3Basic TherapeuticDownload Here ==
2Sem 3Basic Therapeutic (Supp)Download Here ==
3Sem 3EpidemiologyDownload Here ==
4Sem 3Nutrition In Health And IllnessDownload Here ==
5Sem 3Nutrition In Health And Illness (Supp)Download Here ==
6Sem 3Adult Nursing MedicalDownload Here ==
7Sem 3Adult Nursing SurgicalDownload Here ==
8Sem 5Gynecological NursingDownload Here ==
9Sem 5Health EconomicsDownload Here ==
10Sem 5Obstetric NursingDownload Here ==
11Sem 5Primary Health CareDownload Here ==
12Sem 7Emergency and Critical CareDownload Here ==
13Sem 7Emergency and Critical Care (Supp)Download Here ==
14Sem 7Geriatric NursingDownload Here ==
15Sem 7Community Nursing (II)Download Here ==
15Sem 7Nursing leadership & Care ManagementDownload Here ==
16Sem 7Nursing InformaticsDownload Here ==
17Sem 3Adult Medical (Supp)Download Here ==
18Sem 3Adult Surgical (Supp)Download Here ==
19Sem 3Epidemiology (Supp)Download Here ==
20Sem 7Forensic MedicineDownload Here ==
21Sem 5Genatic Supp ResultDownload Here ==
22Sem 3Nutrition in Health and Illness (Supp)Download Here ==
23Sem 5Genetic (Supp)Download Here ==
24Sem 5Health Economic (Supp)Download Here ==
25Sem 6Psychiateic Nursing (Supp)Download Here ==
26Sem 7Community Nursing -II (Rural Residency) (Supp)Download Here ==
27Sem 7Forensic Medicine _ Law (Supp)Download Here ==
28Sem 7Geriatric Nursing (Supp)Download Here ==
29Sem 7Nursing Informatics (Supp)Download Here ==
30Sem 8Pediatric Nursing (Consolidation) (Supp)Download Here ==
31Sem 8Medical Nursing (Consolidation) (Supp)Download Here ==
32Sem 3EpidemiologyDownload Here ==
33Sem 6Child Health CareDownload Here ==

Result OF Nursing & Midwifery Sciences

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
1Sem 1History And EthicsDownload Here ==
2Sem 2Human Body Structure & FunctionDownload Here ==
3Sem 3Nutrition in Health & Illness (Supp)Download Here ==
4Sem 3Basic Therapeuties Pharmacology (Supp)Download Here ==
5Sem 4Epidemiology (supp)Download Here ==
6Sem 5Gynecology ResultDownload Here ==
7Sem 6Pediatric ResultDownload Here ==
8Sem 8Surgical Nursing (Consolidation)Download Here ==
9Sem 8Medical Nursing (Consolidation) (Supp)Download Here ==
10Sem 5Genetic (Supp)Download Here ==
11Sem 6Psychiateic Nursing (Supp)Download Here ==
12Sem 6PsychiatricDownload Here ==
13Sem 8Pediatric Nursing (consolodation)Download Here ==
14Sem 8Obstetric _ Gynecological Nursing (Consolodation)Download Here ==
15Sem 2Basic BiochemistryDownload Here ==
16Sem 2Microbiology & ProctologyDownload Here ==
17Sem 4Communication Skills and Counseling (Supp)Download Here ==
18Sem 4Sociology And AnthropologyDownload Here ==
19Sem 3Sociology and Anthropology (Supp)Download Here ==
201st YearArabic language suppDownload Here ==
211st Yearbasic BiochemistryDownload Here ==
221st Yearbasic Biochemistry suppDownload Here ==
231st Yearfundamental Of nursingDownload Here ==
241st YearHistory And Ethics of Nursing suppDownload Here ==
251st YearMicrobiology _ ProctologyDownload Here ==
261st YearMicrobiology suppDownload Here ==
272nd YearAdult Nursing Medical 2Download Here ==
282nd YearAdult Nursing Surgical 2 SuppDownload Here ==
292nd YearAdult Nursing SurgicalDownload Here ==
302nd YearCommunication Skills And Counselling 3Download Here ==
312nd YearEducational Technology 7Download Here ==
322nd YearPrinciple Of Disease Supp 2Download Here ==
333rd YearBiostatisticsDownload Here ==
343rd YearBiostatistics suppDownload Here ==
353rd YearChild Health Care suppDownload Here ==
363rd YearNursing TheoryDownload Here ==
373rd YearPediatric Nursing suppDownload Here ==
383rd YearResearch MethodologyDownload Here ==
393rd YearResearch Methodology suppDownload Here ==
404th YearGraduation ProjectDownload Here ==
414th YearObesticial And Gynecological Nursing (Consolidation) suppDownload Here ==
424th YearSurgical Nursing (consolidation) suppDownload Here ==
431st YearBasic Biochemistry SuppDownload Here ==
44Behavior Sciences SuppDownload Here ==
45Fundamental Of Nursing SuppDownload Here ==
46Human Body Structure Function SuppDownload Here ==
472nd YearAdult Nursing Medical-SuppDownload Here ==
48Adult Nursing Surgical -2 SuppDownload Here ==
49Communication Skills Counseling SuppDownload Here ==
50Education Technology (Supp)1Download Here ==
51Educational Technology SuppDownload Here ==
52Nutrition in Health and illness SuppDownload Here ==
53Principal of Disease Pathology SuppDownload Here ==
54Sociology and Anthropology SuppDownload Here ==
553rd YearBiostatistics SuppDownload Here ==
56Biostatistics (Supp)1Download Here ==
57Nursing Theory SuppDownload Here ==
58Primary Health Care SuppDownload Here ==
59Psychiatric Nursing SuppDownload Here ==
60Sem 7Nursing Leadership (Supp)Download Here ==