Result-Faculty OF Medicine And Surgery

Result OF Medicine And Surgery

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
11st YearBiostatisticsDownload Here ==
21st YearHuman Growth DevelopmentDownload Here ==
31st YearHuman Growth Development RepeatersDownload Here ==
41st YearIntroduction To EthicsDownload Here ==
51st YearParasitology Entomology Final RepeatsDownload Here ==
61st YearPrinciples Of Disease-1 Final RepeatersDownload Here ==
72nd YearEpidemiologyDownload Here ==
82nd YearGastrointestinal SystemDownload Here ==
92nd YearProf Skill2 Final RepeatersDownload Here ==
103rd YearBasic Therapeutics Final RepeatersDownload Here ==
113rd YearProfessional Skills4Download Here ==
123rd YearTropical MedicineDownload Here ==
134th YearDermatologyDownload Here ==
144th YearDermatology RepeatersDownload Here ==
154th YearENTDownload Here ==
164th YearER-MedGBDownload Here ==
174th YearGeneral SurgeryDownload Here ==
184th YearGenSurgDownload Here ==
194th YearInter Med RepeatersDownload Here ==
204th YearInternal Medicine GBDownload Here ==
214th YearOphthalmologyDownload Here ==
224th YearOrthopedics RepeatersDownload Here ==
234th YearOrthopedicsDownload Here ==
245th YearMedical ProfessionalismDownload Here ==
255th YearRadiologyDownload Here ==
265th YearRadiologyDownload Here ==

Supp Result OF Medicine And Surgery

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
12nd YearBlood_LymphDownload Here ==
22nd YearEpidemiologyDownload Here ==
32nd YearProfSkills1Download Here ==
42nd YearProfessional Skills2Download Here ==
53rd YearProfessional Skills3Download Here ==
63rd YearResearch MethodologyDownload Here ==
74th YearDermatologyDownload Here ==
8 4th YearEmergency MedicineDownload Here ==
9 4th YearENTDownload Here ==
10 4th YearGen SurgeryDownload Here ==
11 4th YearOrthopedicsDownload Here ==
125th YearForensic Med SuppDownload Here ==
135th YearForensic Med SuppDownload Here ==
145th YearHospital Management SuppDownload Here ==
155th YearMedical Professionalism SuppDownload Here ==
165th YearPediatrics SuppDownload Here ==
175th YearPsychiatry SuppDownload Here ==
185th YearRadiology SuppDownload Here ==