Result-Faculty of Electricity

Final Examination Results Form

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
1Sem 7Electrical Power Utilization (CPE-411)Download Here ==
2Sem 8Digital Signal Processing(CCN-421)Download Here ==
3Sem 8Research Methodology(GEN-422)Download Here ==
4Sem 3Material Science _ Characteristics (EEE-311)Download Here ==
5Sem 8Engineering Project Management )GEN-421)Download Here ==
6Sem 8Industrial Control Systems (CPE-422)Download Here ==
7Sem 8Instruments Systems _ Signals (COE-422)Download Here ==
8Sem 8Power Electronics (CPE-421)Download Here ==
9Sem 8Power Plants engineering (PRE-422)Download Here ==
10Sem 8Power System Analysis (PRE-423)Download Here ==
11Sem 8Thermodynamics (PRE-421)Download Here ==
12Sem 2Linear Algebra (MAT-121)Download Here ==
13Sem 5Digital Electronics Design (EEE-311)Download Here ==
14Sem 6Elements of power system (CPE-321)Download Here ==
15Sem 8Control Systems (COE-421)Download Here ==