Result-Faculty of Civil

Final Examination Results Form

NoYear / SemesterMaterial NameFile Link
1Sem 3Computer ProgrammingDownload Here ==
2Sem 3Differntial Equations (MAT-211)Download Here ==
3Sem 3English Language-3 (ENL-211)Download Here ==
4Sem Civil Eng (CEN-211)Download Here ==
5Sem 3Sudanese Studies-1 (SDS-211)Download Here ==
6Sem 3Surveying (CEN-212)Download Here ==
7Sem 4Introduction to Electrical Engineering (GEN-222)Download Here ==
8Sem 8Reinforced Concrete Design II (CEN-421)Download Here ==
9Sem 8Structural Analysis III (CEN-425)Download Here ==
10Sem 2Linear Algebra (MAT-121)Download Here ==
11Sem 3Computer Programming. (COM-221)Download Here ==
12Sem 3Computer Programming (COM-221)-SuppDownload Here ==
13Sem 3Eng.Geology (CEN-213)Download Here ==
14Sem 4Material science (GEN-223)Download Here ==
15Sem 5Eng.Properties of soils (CEN-316)Download Here ==
16Sem 5Fluid Mechanics (CEN-312)Download Here ==
17Sem 6Statistics and Probability (MAT-321)Download Here ==
18Sem 8Construction management (CEN-426)-CopyDownload Here ==
19Sem 8Highway _ Transportation Engineering (CEN-423)Download Here ==
20Sem 8Waste water Engineering (CEN-422)Download Here ==