Radiography & Medical Imaging Sciences – Semester -6


CT Technique RAD CT 326

BRAIN_CT_2_-3rd_-2 BRAIN_CT_Protocols_3rd-1 ct chest-1
HRCT-2 null-2 null-5
null-6 null-23 null-24
null-25 null-26  



MRI Technique  RADMRI327

MRI_abdomen MRI_Brain1 null-2
null-3 null-4 null-5
null-6 null-7 null-8



Professional Skill 1RAD SKILL 311

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null-18 null-19 null-20



Ultrasound Techniques  RAD SON 325

Fetal Biometry gynecology sonography Kidneys Ultrasound-3rd year
Liver Obstetrics Sonography-Role of Amniotic Fluid Placenta
Spleen  and  pancreas US lecture    







professional skills 1

profe (1) profe (2)
renal system lecture  



Advance technique

dental Radiography