Radiography & Medical Imaging Sciences / Semester -4



Introduction to Radiography 2RAD RAD 222

distortion Exposure_Factors null-10
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null-14 null-21 null-22



Introduction to research ME REC 227

Lecture _1 Lecture _2 Lecture _3
Lecture _4 Lecture _5 Lecture _6
lecture_7 _8 lecture_9_10 Lecture _11
Lecture _12 Lecture _13 Lecture _14



Computer in medical imaging RADCOPM314

NM_Lecture null-4 null-10
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Gross anatomy  regional 2 RAD ANAT 223

Anatomy of the skull 1 Ascending and Descending Tracts Basal Ganglia
Base of the skull Blood supply of head and neck RADIO Blood supply, lymphatics drainage, and nerve supply
brain stem cerebellum cerebellum-1
cerebral cortex CEREBRUM Cranial Nerve
descending tracts diencephalon ear
face and scalp fascia of the neck Internal Features of Spinal Cord_ A.Elias
Meninges of the Brain Meninges+CSF-2012 Posterior triangle of the neck and cervical plexus
Spinal Cord Spinal cord The skull and cervical vertebra
Ventricular system    



Nuclear Medicine Physic _ Technique Read NUCPHY 229

no7 no8 no9
no10 no11 no12
no13 no14 no15
no16 no17  



Radiographic technique  procedure2 RAD TEC 224

Anfal digital mammography









Radiographic technique 2 





Nuclear medicine physics and technique

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no 3 no 4
no 5 no 6
no19 no20




Principle of Disease

Classification of bacetria Hypersestivity Introduction to Bacteriology
Introduction to immuno introduction to virology Mycology
pathogenicity &virulance types of immunity  




Diagnostic Imaging Equipment-2 (RAD-EQUIP-225)

Computed radiography (CR) (20) conventional x- ray machine (19) CT Lecture  (15)
CT Lecture  (16) CT Lecture (14) Dental x-ray (13)
Equipment review (1) Equipment review (2) Equipment review (3)
Equipment review (4) Mammography(7) Mammography(8)
mobil machine (9) MRI (17) MRI(18)
N medicine  (12) N medicine (11) portable (10)
ultrasound lec (5) ultrasound lec (6)