Physiotherapy / Semester -6


Basic Pharmacology

1. Introduction to pharmacology ANS parasymp. ANS Symp
Antibiotics CNS CVS powerpoint (2)
GIT drugs pain management Pharmacodynamics
PT pharmacokinetics-1    



Geriatrics Care

8-PATHOLOGICAL  WITH THE ELDERLY 9-Balance and falling in elderly 10-Diabetes mellitus
11-Pressure sores 12-Therapeutic Modalities 13-COGNITIVE DISORDERS
Constipation-2 GERIATRICS CHANGES – Copy-2-1 Lec.2 Urinary incontinence
Lec.4 Depression Lec.7 Conservative interventions for pain control THEORIES OF AGING



Neurological Physiotherapy

Ataxia 3 MS 44 Myasthenia gravis
Neuro Assessment Parkinsonism – Copy PNF 1
(PNF)  – Copy Rehabilitation of SCI( 2) Sensory Reeducation  – Copy
spasticity management master – Copy – Copy spinal cord 1 Stroke Rehabilitation – Copy



Pediatrics Physiotherapy

brachial plexus injury Common  facilitation _ inhibition techniques CP evaluation.enc
CP mangement.enc Evaluation Sheet Of Pediatric Physical Therapy JIA
myopathy Spina Bifida torticollis(1)



Physiotherapy Cardiorespiratory Clinic

Asthma – Dr. Anas COPD- Dr.anas L 10 _ 11 Heart Failure
L 12 _ 13 Ischemic Heart Diseases L 14 _ 15 Hypertension L 16 _ 17 Pulmonary Embolism
L 18 Infective endocarditis L 19 Cardiomyopathies L 20 _ 21 Rheumatic Fever
L 22_ 23 Congenital Heart Diseases L 24 Valvular Diseases  



Physiotherapy For Intensive Care Patient

L 8 Breathing Exercises L 9 Chest Techniques L 10 Decortication
L 11 Fracture Ribs L 12 Guillian -Barre Syndrome L1 Thoracic wall anatomy
L2 Pre and post-operative thoracic surgeries L3 Physiotherapy plan for ICU and CCU L4 Thyroidectomy care
L5 Tracheostomy L6 Preoperative intervention L7 Postural Drainage