Physiotherapy / Semester -2



Basic Biochemistry

Introduction to course Enzymes Lipids chemistry
Nucleic acids chemistry Protein chemistry (1) Protein chemistry (2)



Behavioral Science


art_of_communication Behavior Measurement counseling
DEMOGRAPHY Determinant of Human Behavior health-seeking beh
Personality relationship and communication Social determinants of health
Social psychology stress Substance Abuse



Computer Science -1

Introduction Application software Operating System
Storage System Unit components The internet and world wide web
Understanding output 1 Understanding output 2  



Computer Science -2

chapter 10 chapter 11 chapter 12
chapter 13 chapter 14  



Genetics _ Molecular Biology

introduction to cell general structure introduction to mendelian and non-mendelian diseases chromosomal abnormalities
DNA repair DNA replication cell cycle and cell division
chapter 09 molecular basis of cancer RNA



Introduction to Medical Ethics

Breaking Bad News Confidentiality Hippocratic Oath
History of Research Ethics Inform consent Law and Ethics
Methods of Assessment Moral dilemmas in medicine  



Introduction to Medicine _ Medical Education

Community Oriented Education Curriculum Strategies Methods of asessment
Methods of Teaching Report writing Use library



Musculoskeletal System

Blood supply Bones of Lower Limb Bones of upper limb
joints  upper and lower Lower limb Muscles
Sacral plexus Sole Spaces
Special areas in the upper limb    



Physiotherapy Service In Hospital _ Community

Introduction to course introduction to general Physiotherapy introduction to PT course-1
electrotherapy general Physiotherapy1 HEAT THERAPY
L 9  General principles of exercise L 10 benefits of physical exercise Levels and Causes of Amputation L21
Physiotherapy History physiotherapy prosthetics and orthotics L20 _22