Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Degree: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.Sc. PT) and Diploma of Physiotherapy (Dip.PT)
Duration of study:
(a) Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Four years (8 semesters/150 credit hours)
(b) Diploma of Physiotherapy: Three years (6 semesters/90 credit hours)

The Sudan has been producing health professional for about a century; physiotherapy has not been one of them. The need for physiotherapists is on the rise all over the world, especially in a one-million square mile country, of all climates and contours. A glance at the health indicators of the country shows that all done in the last century could not bridge the gap between this country and the rest of the world. Currently, there are less than 10 professional physiotherapists in the Sudan. Previously, Sudan has been leading in innovation of health professionals training. The medical assistant, the traditional midwife, community oriented medical graduates, and problem-based learning have started earlier in Sudan than in any other country. Sudanese physiotherapists used to go abroad, to Western or Eastern Europe to learn the techniques and come back, and continue their profession with little, if any, continuous education. This college program aims at graduating Diploma and B.SC physiotherapists. Future development included establishing a national physiotherapy centre, professional society and postgraduate courses.

Key information

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
• Semesters 1- 6 reserved for basic requirements obligatory to the faculty, integrated courses of basic science and physiotherapy skills and services
• Semesters 7  and 8 are devoted to professional clinical cleckship/ apprenticeship in physiotherapy institutions and in the society at large, together with with the courses of professional conduct and the legal aspects thereof.

Diploma of Physiotherapy
• Students of Diploma Physiotherapy and the Bachelor Physiotherapy share the two semesters of university requirements and clerkships.
• The phase of theoretical study of basic therapeutic science is limited to two semesters only.

Entry requirements

A student interested in joining the Faculty of Physiotherapy, has to:
1. Obtain pass mark in in seven subjects including: Arabic language, religious studies, English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. International students who have not studied Arabic and religious studies may have more alternative subjects from an approved list of subjects published in the webpage of Ministry of Higher Education.
2. Achieve the percentage in Sudan School Certificate announced every year, (International students may have 10% less in the School Certificate scores).
3. Apply electronically though the website of the Admission and Accreditation Office, Ministry of Higher Education, or apply directly in Admission Office in the National University, and pass the health examination, aptitude tests and interview at the Faculty of Physiotherapy.

Sudanese students…12,000 SDG
International students…$4,000

Stategy and methods

A full overview of the course outline and detailed specific objectives can be found  in the Physiotherapy Curriculum Manual and Faculty of   Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation prospectus.


Students qualified with this Bachelor degree pass through a track decreed by the Health Professions Council. They are accredited as physiotherapy technicians, and may pursue postgrad studies in the micro-specializations of the profession, or obtain master’s degree or PhD to qualify for university teaching staff, in colleges of physical therapy and rehab. Diploma students study six semesters (about three years) or the equivalent of 80-90 credit hours, sharing with Bachelor-track students the two phases of university requirements and internship. The stage of theoretical study of basic therapeutic science is limited to two semesters only. Students qualified with this Diploma pass through a track decreed by the Health Professions Council, and are accredited as assistant physiotherapist. The graduate may be interested in managerial, commercial, industrial or charity career, related to one of the various specialties in the discipline. International graduates can follow the same track if they preferred to stay in the Sudan, but may also start their registration and internship in their own countries or residence.

Contact information

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☏ +249 1555772782