Pharmacy / Semester – 7


Drug Abuse

1- management of drug abuse2- morphine3-pethidine
4- Fentanyl5- Heroin6- Cocaine
7- alcohol addiction  



Quality Assurance in Pharmacy

lecture 1Lecture 2 GMPlec.3 premises
lec.4 personnellec.5 equipmentslec.6 materials



Rational Drug Use

Lec 1RUM 2020Lec. 2 Irrational Use of Medicines 2lec. 3 Strategies to improve medicine use
Lect. 4 Good prescribing practiceLec. 5 Ensuring good dispensing practicesLect. 6 medication adherence



Quality Assurance in Industry

lec.9 Q&Vlec.12 sterile products
lec.13 inspection 



Principle of Marketing in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Management