Pharmacy / Semester – 6


 Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy

  L-1 Introduction to the course   L-2 How to prepare and contribute to a ward
  L-3 Taking Medication history   L-4 Pharmaceutical care plan
  L-5 Monitoring Drug Therapy   L-6 Adverse Drugs Reactions
  L-7 Drug Interactions   L-8, L-9 Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Data
  L-10 Clinical Pharmacokinetics   L-11 Drugs and the kidneys
  L-12 acid base disorders   L-13 Fluids & electrolytes


Pharmaco- Informatics

2. Pharmacy  informatics 3. Hospital and pharmacy information system 4. Hospital _ Ph IS cont,,,
5. Hospital _ Ph IS cont,,, 6. Drug informatio 7. Internet Resources
10. Evidance based practice resources 11. Toxicoinformatics  



pharmacy practice-2 

Introduction Basic Epid Concepts_M.Lab_4th DISEASE TRANSMISSION
PRINCIPLES OF PREVENTION & CONTROL1 Anthelmentic Cancer Chemotherapy 1
Cancerchemotherapy 2 Cancerchemotherapy 3 Cold & Allergy
Concept of pharmaceutical care Dermatitis Fever
Haemorrhoids Health Promotion Insect sting & Bite products
OTC CONSTIPATION OTC dental OTC dermatology
OTC ophthalmic OTC OTIC Pain Management
Pharmacy practice &healthcare system SCABIES  



Pharmaceutical technology

1- Introduction to the course 2019 2-  Powders _ Granules 3-pellet-production-technologies
4-Tablets 5-solutions 10-parenterals
aerosols Capsules Pharmaceutical Emulsions and Creams
Pharmaceutical Suspensions – 1 Pharmaceutical Suspensions – 2 Pharmaceutical Suspensions – 3
Semisolid Dosage Form    



Basic Therapeutics

Adrenocorticosteroids final Antibiotics Lecture no 13 contraceptives
drugs used for bone disorders Drugs used in thyroid disorders General and local anesthetics
parkinson disease    



Drug supply management

Managing for rational drug use LECTURE 12 Rational prescribing and dispensing lecture 13


Dosage form design- QC