Pharmacy / Semester – 6


 Clinical Pharmacy


  L-1 Introduction to the course   L-2 How to prepare and contribute to a ward
  L-3 Taking Medication history   L-4 Pharmaceutical care plan
  L-5 Monitoring Drug Therapy   L-6 Adverse Drugs Reactions
  L-7 Drug Interactions   L-8, L-9 Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Data
  L-10 Clinical Pharmacokinetics   L-11 Drugs and the kidneys
  L-12 acid base disorders   L-13 Fluids & electrolytes





1. Introduction to Pharmacoinformatics-1 2. Pharmacy  informatics
3. Hospital and pharmacy information system 4. Hospital & Ph IS cont,,,
5. Hospital & Ph IS cont,,, pharmacy orientation lectures


Drug supply management

Managing for rational drug use LECTURE 12 Rational prescribing and dispensing lecture 13




pharmacy practice-2 

Introduction Basic Epid Concepts_M.Lab_4th DISEASE TRANSMISSION
PRINCIPLES OF PREVENTION & CONTROL1 Anthelmentic Cancer Chemotherapy 1
Cancerchemotherapy 2 Cancerchemotherapy 3 Cold & Allergy
Concept of pharmaceutical care Dermatitis Fever
Haemorrhoids Health Promotion Insect sting & Bite products
OTC CONSTIPATION OTC dental OTC dermatology
OTC ophthalmic OTC OTIC Pain Management
Pharmacy practice &healthcare system SCABIES  



Basic therapeutics

Antibiotics Lecture no 13 contraceptives
Drugs used in thyroid disorders parkinson disease