Pharmacy / Semester – 2


Principle of disease-1 ME-DIS-212

introduction to antibiotics antimicrobial agents.1 antimicrobial agents 1
8- Introduction to Mycology Bacteria growth lectu-9386 bacterial stru lectu-5689
Candida HIV 1 introduction to virology
L9 normal flora L11 bacterial pathogenicity L35 herpes
pharmacy mycobacterium pri sterlization
pharmacy Spirochetes    




Organic Chemistry

L-1,2- Course Objectives + Introduction to course L-3,4-Types of chemica and physical bonds L-5 Bond length
L-6 lewis structure L-7,8,9 Acid & bases L-10 pH &pOH
L-11,12 General concept in Organic Chemistry L-13 Hydrocarbons- Alkanes L-14 Hydrocarbons- Alkenes+ Alkynes
L-15 Hydrocarbons Reactions L-16 Thiols + Ether L-17,18 alcohols, phenols
L-19, Aldhydes , Ketones L-20,21-Amines and Amides L-21 Aromatic Hydrocarbons(Benzene)
L-22 Carboxylic acids L-23 Esters L-24 Acid Chloride
L-25 Benzene Structre 1 L-26 Benzene Structre 2 L-29,30 Benzene Reactions
L-31,32 Aromaticity L-33-Types of reaction-1 L-34 Types of reaction-2
L35-Hybridization PA- ORG127 B15  


Behavioral Science lectures

3.Personality 4.Determinant of Human Behavior seeking beh
6..Behavior Measurement issues 7. Behaviour Disorders(1) 7.Behavior disorder 2
9.modification 10.counseling 11.communication
13.violence (2) 14.Substance Abuse L1_2.Introduction_ BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE


Human body Structure And Function

L-3, and 4, The Cell _ Tissue L-5, Cell Division L-6, Body fluid and electrolytes
L-7, Transport across cell membrane L-8 and 9, Transport across capillary wall L-10 and 11, The Axial and Appendicular System
L-13, The Joints of the body L-15, 16, 17 and 18, Resting mebranep[tential and action potentail L-20 and 21, Anatomy of Nervous System
L-22, Physiology of autonomic nervous system -1 L-23, Physiology of autonomic nervous system -2 L-24 and 25, Anatomy of Cardiovascular System
L-26 and 27, Physiology of cardiovascular system L-28 and 29, Anatomy of Urinary System L-30 and 31, Anatomy of Reproductive System


Introduction to medical ethics

Introduction Communication skills Confidentally
Counselling Doctor-Patient Relationship Informed consent
Inter professional International relation Bad news
Principles of medical ethics Relationship bt low and ethics Research ethics


Genetic & Molecular Biology

PH-GET-119 L1 PH-GET-119 L2-3 PH-GET-119 L4
PH-GET-119 L5-6 PH-GET-119 L7-8 PH-GET-119 L9-10
PH-GET-119 L11-12 PH-GET-119 L13-14 PH-GET-119 L15-16
PH-GET-119 L17-18 PH-GET-119 L19-20 PH-GET-119 L21-22



48084 48085
48086 48087


Pharmacy orientation  Pharmaceutical Calculation

pharmacy orientation lectures