Constrictor Technology(1)

1-Introduction & History of Masonry Architecture

2-Masonry Types, Quarrying, Manufacturing

3-Foundation in Masonry; Types & Techniques.

4-Walls in Masonry; Bonding of Masonry

5-Walls in Masonry; Openings in Masonry

6-Walls in Masonry; Openings in Masonry; Doors & Windows Details

7-External & Internal Vertical Circulation; Stairs, Steps, & Ramps

8-Floor Construction in Masonry; Types & Detailing

9-Masonry Stereotomic & Tectonics.


Structure Analysis  11

Beams deflections 1 الاكتروني

Beams deflections 2 الاكترونيBending stress -1 الاكتروني

Centre of Gravity and Centroid الكتروني

Elastic Cross-Section Properties الاكترونيc

Geometric properties of sections1 الاكتروني

Newton’s. الاكيروني pptxTension Members 2 الاكتروني

The Parallel Axis Theorem 2 الاكتروني



History of Architecture

L6 Analysis of pioneers (Mies Van Der Rohe)L7 Analysis of pioneers (Walter Grupius. Chicago School)L8 Analysis of pioneers (Louis Sulivan)
L9 Analysis of pioneers (Le Corbusire)L10 The international styleL11 Architecture & Urban Design
L12 Evolution of Modern Movement