International Relations & Diplomatic Studies

Degree: Bachelor (Honors) of Arts: International Relations and Diplomatic
Studies (BA-RDS)
Duration of Study: Four years (8 semesters/170 credit hours)

The vision of the faculty is to provide an excellent university education consistent with The National University
Mission Statement to be among the first institutions offering this programme. The mission is to prepare
graduates to perform successfully in the international environment by creating a set of standards, a literature
of understanding international politics and behaviour of nations, approaches to foreign policy, diplomatic
representation and diplomatic activities.

Key information

• Phase One: Semester 1: reserved for university requirements.
• Phase Two: Semesters 2-5: faculty requirements (Politics and Government, Theories of Diplomacy, Research Methods in Social Studies, Conflict Resolution, International Law, International organizations).
• Phase Three: Semesters 6-8: specialization requirements (cultural diplomacy, international politics, African and foreign diplomacy, international relations, modern diplomacy, and foreign ministry internship.

Entry requirements

A student interested in joining the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, has to:
1. Obtain pass mark in in seven subjects including: Arabic language, religious studies, English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology or computer sciences, engineering sciences, family sciences, agricultural and animal production or arts or design. International students who have not studied Arabic and religious studies may have more alternative subjects from an approved list of subjects published in the webpage of Ministry of Higher Education.
2. Achieve the percentage in Sudan School Certificate announced every year (International students may have 10% less in the School Certificate scores.
3. Apply electronically though the website of the Admission and Accreditation Office, Ministry of Higher Education, or apply directly in Admission Office in the National University, and pass the health examination, aptitude tests and interview at the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Studies.

Sudanese students…60,000 SDG
International students…$3,000

Stategy and methods

The learning strategies emphasize the following: (1) early acquisition of basic skills, (2) student-centred learning,
and maximum student responsibility in the learning process, (3) problem-based and problem-oriented learning,
(4) community-oriented and community-based activities, (5) integration of basic and applied knowledge in a
multidisciplinary approach, (6) self- and peer education and evaluation, (7) team-work approach, (8) a wide
range of electives, (9) continuous evaluation and (10) continuous education.

A full overview of the course outline and detailed specific objectives can be found  in the International Relations Curriculum Manual and Faculty of  International Relations and Diplomatic Sudies prospectus.


International Relations and Diplomatic Studies track includes all aspects of political science, international politics,
modern diplomacy, international security, foreign policy analysis, international economics, international relations,
international law, regional integration, international organizations, migration and refugee issues, ethics and
religion, conflict resolution, negotiations. All these represent a wide spectrum of career for graduates who may
specialize in specific areas.



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