Our objectives

At National University we’re committed to developing and nurturing a diverse community, that supports not only inclusion in the university but through the impact of our activities in local, national and international communities. Our educational institute is continously striving to meet the following objectives:

⇒ The provision of professionals with necessary scientific abilities and skill that contribute to community development. 

⇒ Nurturing leading professionals in the different fields of knowledge.

⇒ Creating programs and techniques that suit the environment in Sudan and that meet the needs of the wider community.

⇒ Keeping pace with and encouraging scientific development and devising innovative solutions to current issues in the country.

⇒ Providing consultation to the public and private sectors and contributing to the indigenization of technology industrialisation.

⇒ Keeping pace with the increasing technological development in the field of e-learning.

⇒ Application of quality assurance in the field of learning and education, according to local and international standards.

⇒ Strengthening scientific partnerships and partnerships with similar public and institution both internal and external.

Governance and struture  »
The university’s leadership, academic departments and professional services departments.

Facts and figures  »
Useful statistics about our specialised staff and student population.

Objectives  »
Check out your ethos and bn Sina University’s core values that we strive to uphold.