Nursing Sciences / Semester -5


Obesticial nursing


L1 S& diagnosis of pregnancy L1 S&S of pregnancy L2 hyperemsis  gravidarm
L3 Anemia , pregnancy L4 IUFD-IUGR L5 Stillbirth
L6 Health eduation during pregnancy null1-232 null-3
null-4 null-5 null-6
null-7 null-9 null-10
null-11 null-12 null-13
null-15 null-17 null-23
null-24 null-25 null-27
null-28 null-29 null-30
null-31 null-32 null-33
null-34 null-35 null-37
null-38 null-39  




Primary Health care

1573969924623_school health-1 attachment cold chain_razan
disability DOC-20191114-WA0001 Essential drugs
family planning 3 health_education L2
Nutrion.2019 PME Primary_health_care_new[1].pptx 22
rehablitation nursing_razan risky beh-1  





Cell and cell division hhhh – Copy Chromosome disorders MendelGÇÖs Laws of Inheritance bsc
Mendelian-laws 3rd sex-linked-inheritance-33333rds Structure and function of DNA



Gynecological Nursing

Copy of infertility Copy of L1 STDs



Health economic

Health Economics