Nursing Sciences / Semester -2


Fundamental of nursing

fundm (1)fundm (7)fundm (8)
fundm (9)fundm (10)fundm (11)
fundm (12)fundm (13)fundm (14)
infection controlBandagingburn first
epilepsy 20Fractures_firsthemorrhage 20
Describe pain and pain managementRecord and document Vital signs null-1. 1
null-15. 2null-16. 3 



microbiology and parasitology 

(L20) waste managmentClassification, Structure, and types of human protozoaEntomology
HepatitisHIVIntroduction to Parasitology
introduction to virologyIsolation, staining and culture of bacteriaL(19) safe injection
Mycobacterium tuberculosisnullnull-1
null-2NURSE FUNGAL INFECTIONnurse introduction to mycology20
Structure and classification of bacteriaUntitled presentationIsolation, staining and culture of bacteria
Mycobacterium tuberculosisStructure and classification of bacteria 




Basic Biochemistry


Lipid MetabolismNursing2020 ProteinStructureNursing2020Amino acids importance and chemical structureNursing2020
CarbohydratesCellDNA Replication(1)
DNA Replication(2)EnzymesGenetic
4_6023619331160540770Introduction to BiochemistryTranscription _ Translation(1)




human body structure and function (nur-anat-117)

5-Lung & Pleura5-Posterior abdominal wall14. Posterior abdominal wall
ANS Iansbones of lower
BONES of upper limb Dr.SalihCarbohydrates chemistry 2Brain stem Cerebellum , Spinal cord ANS Enteric NS
cardiochestwallconnecive tissue
DIENCEPHALONElectrical and Electronics Engineering Departmentepithelial t issue
excitableheart and pericardiumintestine – Copy
introduction to human anatomyjoint of lowerjoints of upper
Lung & Pleuralymphatic systemmale and female genital organ (2)
mediastinum (2)muscle issuenose & PNS
renal 1skulltemp. regulation