Medicine / Semester -9


Family Medicine (ME-FAM-513)

Catchment areaCommunication skillsConcept and principles of FM
consultation modelsEvidence-Based Medicinefamily and life cycle
health maintenance in adultshealth maintenance of elderlyHealth promotion
Medical ethicsPATIENT-CENTERED CAREreferral system
Screeningteamwork in primary careWell Child care



Psychiatry (ME-SYC-512)

AntidepressantsAnxiety DisordersBipolar Affective Disorder
Child PsychiatryConversion and SomatizationDissociative Disorders
Drugs in PsychiatryHistory and mental state examinationMajor Depressive Disorder
OCD – PTSDOrganity and psychiatryPsychiatric  Emergencies
Psychopathology 1Psychopathology 2schizophrenia
Substance Use DisorderSYMPTOMS AND SIGNS