Medicine / Semester -4



Preclin-lower GIT


Basic Epidemiology (ME-COM-312)

ME-COM-312 L1ME-COM-312 L3ME-COM-312 L4
ME-COM-312 L5ME-COM-312 L6ME-COM-312 L7
ME-COM-312 L8ME-COM-312 L9ME-COM-312 L10
ME-COM-312 L11ME-COM-312 L12ME-COM-312 L13
ME-COM-312 L14ME-COM-312 L15ME-COM-312 L16



Gastrointestinal System (ME-GIT-225)

ME-GIT-225 L4ME-GIT-225 L5ME-GIT-225 L6
ME-GIT-225 L7ME-GIT-225 L8ME-GIT-225 L9
ME-GIT-225 L10ME-GIT-225 L11ME-GIT-225 L12
ME-GIT-225 L17 (B)_ME-GIT-225 L17ME-GIT-225 L18
ME-GIT-225 L19ME-GIT-225 L24ME-GIT-225 L25
ME-GIT-225 L26ME-GIT-225 L27ME-GIT-225 L28
ME-GIT-225 L29ME-GIT-225 L32ME-GIT-225 L33 (B)
ME-GIT-225 L34ME-GIT-225 L36ME-GIT-225 L41
ME-GIT-225 L44ME-GIT-225 L45ME-GIT-225 L47
ME-GIT-225 L49ME-GIT-225 L50 ME-GIT-225 L51






Musculoskeletal System (ME-MSK-225)

Lec 1 MSK IntroductionLec 2 _ 3 Bones Of The upper LimbLec 4 Anatomy of Pectoral Region
Lec 6 The AxillaLec 7 _ 8 Anterior compartment of the forearmLec 12 Cubital fossa
Lec 13 _ 14 Posterior Compartment  of the forearmLec 15 Proteoglycan lectureLec 16 Histology of the muscle
Lec 17 Histology of the BoneLec 17 Histology of the cartilageLec 18 metabolic bone diseases
Lec 19 Fracture _ healing of boneLec 22 _ 23 Joints of the upper limbLec 26 _ 27 Development of the limbs
Lec 28 Resting membrane potentialLec 29 Action PotentialLec 30 _ 31 Bones of the Lower Limb
Lec 32 Synaptic transmissionLec 33 Calcium MetabolismLec 34 _ 35 Osteomyelitis
Lec 36 _ 37 Soft Tissue TumorsLec 38 _ 39 Vertebral columnLec 40 _ 41 Gluteal region _ posterior of thigh
Lec 42 _ 43 Anterior and medial compartment of the thighLec 44 Femoral triangle_ adductor canalLec 45 Anterior_ lateral compartment of the Leg
Lec 46 Posterior compartment of  the leg _ popliteal fossaLec 47 Soft tissue tumorsLec 50 _ 51 Mechanisms of skeletal muscle contraction
Lec 56 _ 57 Injuries Upper _ lower Limb _ Outlines of limbs fractureLec 65 Drugs _ Musculoskeletal DisordersME-MSK-225 L5
ME-MSK-225 L11ME-MSK-225 L20_21ME-MSK-225 L61_62




Nutrition and Metabolism (ME-NUT-224)

ME-NUT-224 L1ME-NUT-224 L2_13_14_17ME-NUT-224 L3_4
ME-NUT-224 L5_6_43ME-NUT-224 L7_8ME-NUT-224 L9_10
ME-NUT-224 L11_12ME-NUT-224 L18pptME-NUT-224 L19
ME-NUT-224 L20_21ME-NUT-224 L22_23ME-NUT-224 L24
ME-NUT-224 L25ME-NUT-224 L26_27ME-NUT-224 L28_29
ME-NUT-224 L30ME-NUT-224 L31_32ME-NUT-224 L33
ME-NUT-224 L34ME-NUT-224 L35_36ME-NUT-224 L37_38
ME-NUT-224 L39_40ME-NUT-224 L41ME-NUT-224 L44
ME-NUT-224 L45ME-NUT-224 L46_47ME-NUT-224 L48
ME-NUT-224 L49ME-NUT-224 L50ME-NUT-224 L51_52
ME-NUT-224 L53_54_57_58ME-NUT-224 L55_56 




Primary Health Care (ME-PHC-125)

introductionEnvironmental HealthGrowth _ Development
Health IndicatorsHealth PromotionHealth system in Sudan
NutritionOccupational HealthPHC 1
PHCReproductive Health (2)School health