Medicine / Semester -2


Human Growth and Development (ME-GROW-125)

ME-GROW-125 L2_3ME-GROW-125 L4_5ME-GROW-125 L6_7
ME-GROW-125 L8_9ME-GROW-125 L10_11ME-GROW-125 L12_13
ME-GROW-125 L14_15ME-GROW-125 L16_17ME-GROW-125 L18_19
ME-GROW-125 L20_21ME-GROW-125 L22_23ME-GROW-125 L24
ME-GROW-125 L25ME-GROW-125 L30_31ME-GROW-125 L34_35




Parasitology and Entymology

ME-PAR-125 L1ME-PAR-125 L2
ME-PAR-125 L3ME-PAR-125 L4
ME-PAR-125 L5ME-PAR-125 L6
ME-PAR-125 L7ME-PAR-125 L8
ME-PAR-125 L9ME-PAR-125 L10
ME-PAR-125 L11ME-PAR-125 L12
ME-PAR-125 L13 




Principles of Disease (1) (ME-DIS-212)

ME-DIS-212 L1ME-DIS-212 L10ME-DIS-212 L11
ME-DIS-212 L12ME-DIS-212 L13ME-DIS-212 L14
ME-DIS-212 L15_16ME-DIS-212 L17ME-DIS-212 L18
ME-DIS-212 L19ME-DIS-212 L20ME-DIS-212 L25
ME-DIS-212 L26(A)ME-DIS-212 L26(B)ME-DIS-212 L27_28
ME-DIS-212 L33 (1)  




Basic Biochemistry (ME-BIOCH-118)

ME-BIOCH -118 LEC 8 _ 9ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 1.1ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 3 _ 4
ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 5 _ 6ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 7ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 10
ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 11 _ 12ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 13 _ 14ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 15
ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 16ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 17 _ 18ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 19 _ 20
ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 21ME-BIOCH- 118 LEC 22ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 23 _ 24
ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 25 _ 26ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 27 _ 28ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 29
ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 30 _ 31ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 32 _ 33ME-BIOCH-118 LEC 34 _ 35




Behavioral Sciences (ME-BEHAV-119)

Behavior Modification (2)Behavioral, social science _ psychologyCourse Introduction
Determinants of Human BehaviorDisruptive Behavior DisordersHealth _ Demography(3)
Health care-seeking behaviorMeasurement Issues for Health BehaviorPersonality
Social determinant of health  (3)  




Genetics and Molecular Biology (ME-GET-119)

ME-GET-119 L1ME-GET-119 L2-3ME-GET-119 L4-5
ME-GET-119 L6-7ME-GET-119 L8-9ME-GET-119 L10-11
ME-GET-119 L12-13ME-GET-119 L14-15ME-GET-119 L16
ME-GET-119 L17-18ME-GET-119 L19-20ME-GET-119 L21-22
ME-GET-119 L23-24ME-GET-119 L25-26 




Introduction to Ethics (ME-ETHICS-226)

Breaking Bad NewsCommunication IntroductionConfidentiality
Copy of Breaking Bad NewsCounselingDoctor Doctor Relationship
Doctor Patient RelationshipEthics Models and TheoriesGood Medical Practice
Informed ConsentJustice and Healthlaw and ethics
Medical Ethics HistoryPatient rights and responsibilitiesPrinciples of Medical Ethics_
Rights and HealthSudan Medical Council 




Man and His Environment (ME-ENV-127)

ME-ENV-127 L2ME-ENV-127 L3ME-ENV-127 L4_5
ME-ENV-127 L7ME-ENV-127 L9_10ME-ENV-127 L11_12
ME-ENV-127 L13-15ME-ENV-127 L16_17ME-ENV-127 L19
ME-ENV-127 L20ME-ENV-127 L21_22ME-ENV-127 L23
ME-ENV-127 L24ME-ENV-127 L27_28ME-ENV-127 L29_30
ME-ENV-127 L31-33ME-ENV-127 L35_36ME-ENV-127 L37
ME-ENV-127 L37_38ME-ENV-127 L42-45ME-ENV-127 L46_47