medical-laboratory – semester-7- 4th Year Mutual Courses


Evidence-Based Practice in Medical Laboratory Sciences/MLS-MICR-414

citation of literature clinical lab evidence-practice diagnostic variable
literature summarization literature searching means of rationale
objective interpretation problems in laboratory source of literature
standardization of lab practice steps of evidence-based practice study types



Laboratory Management and Economics/MLS-MICR-423

(GLP) facilities and equipment (GLP) organization and personnel (GLP) reagents, kits
Accreditation Administrative Process good laboratory performance+personnel Management
Laboratory management Laboratory organization and design procedure manual in medical laboratory 2
Quality assessment Quality Assurance Quality Improvement
Quality manual in medical laboratory TQMS (L4) TQMS (L5)



Health information system/MLS-MICR-424

69467 Concept of information system Database structure of laboratory information system
Function of LIS HIS.&LIS use  Importance of information system
resources of LIS