medical-laboratory-semester-7- 4th year clinical chemistry


Advanced Clinical Chemistry/MLS-CCHM-412

assessment of trace elementsenzymes cardiacGIT
Inborn errors of metabolismIntroduction to Enzymologyintroduction to Toxicology
liver enzymesTherapeutic Drug Monitoring  (TDM)trace elements final



clinical chemistry and public health/MLS-CCHM-413

1.osteomalacia finalAmniotic_fluidCancer and chemistry
Frequently asked tumor markerhepatitisinfirtility
L14- GeriatricL20 Obesitylipid and lipoprotein
Liver 4thMALNUTRITIONpediatrics
pregnancy2prgnancy 1prgnancy
pub2public 1-1Renal Disorders
Time managementUrinalysis and Body Fluids (Serous Fluid)Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Synovial Fluid)




Primary Care Clinical Chemistry/MLS-CCHM-411

AMMONIAbilirubin and bileBUN
Carbohydrateschemical examination-1Chloride (Cl)
ClearanceCreatine & CreatinineDiabetes Mellitus
Electrolytesintroduction to Clinical ChemistryLaboratory Hazards in Clinical Chemistry
liver enzymeMagnesiumPhysical examination-1
Plasma lipidsPlasma proteinQuality Assurance& Quality control 4th
Uric Acidurinanalysis