medical-laboratory-semester-7- 4th year clinical chemistry


Advanced Clinical Chemistry/MLS-CCHM-412

assessment of trace elements enzymes cardiac GIT
Inborn errors of metabolism Introduction to Enzymology introduction to Toxicology
liver enzymes Therapeutic Drug Monitoring  (TDM) trace elements final



clinical chemistry and public health/MLS-CCHM-413

1.osteomalacia final Amniotic_fluid Cancer and chemistry
Frequently asked tumor marker hepatitis infirtility
L14- Geriatric L20 Obesity lipid and lipoprotein
Liver 4th MALNUTRITION pediatrics
pregnancy2 prgnancy 1 prgnancy
pub2 public 1-1 Renal Disorders
Time management Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Serous Fluid) Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Synovial Fluid)




Primary Care Clinical Chemistry/MLS-CCHM-411

AMMONIA bilirubin and bile BUN
Carbohydrates chemical examination-1 Chloride (Cl)
Clearance Creatine & Creatinine Diabetes Mellitus
Electrolytes introduction to Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Hazards in Clinical Chemistry
liver enzyme Magnesium Physical examination-1
Plasma lipids Plasma protein Quality Assurance& Quality control 4th
Uric Acid urinanalysis