Medical Laboratory Sciences – Semester -7



Microbiology Specialty

Bacteriological techniques

Immunological techniques

zoonosis 1Antimicrobial agents and mechanism of resistanceradioimmunoassay1. Objectives immune-8511604236175467
2. Immune system and structure-99116042362319172. Immune system and structure
3. Antibody diversity and class switching-73716042366238453. Antibody diversity and class switching-converted
4. Ag-Ab reactions-16516042367396065. MHC Structure and Functions-7611604236942673
5. MHC Structure and Functions7. ELISA and Immunoflorecent-8261604236983353
bone and joint infectionCentral nervous system infection 17. ELISA and ImmunoflorecentAntibodies  Varients, Isotypes & Idiotypes for immu
Antibodies structure and functionAntigen processing and presentation
Antigen processing and presentationAutoimmunity
Cell cultureCells of adaptive immunity
CELLS OF INNATE IMMUNITY 2Clonal Selection-4691604237063301
Ear infectionEye infectionCytokinesCytokines of Adaptive Immunity-1
Cytokines of innate immunityHypersensitivity
Immune disordersImmune Response to Viral Infections
Immunity to Parasitic InfectionImmuno-molecules expression and detection
Immunodeficiency disordersImmunodeficiency disorders
Lower respiratory tractUpper respiratory  infection1Immunodiagnosis (Agglutination reaction)Immunohistochemistry
ImmunohistochemistryImmunological tolerance
introduction to vaccinologyLymphocytes separation and stimulation
Parasitology and Immunoparasitology(MLS-PARA-411)Precipitation and neutralization techniques
 SDS- PAGETransplantation rejection
Tumor ImmunologyWestern blot




Histology Specialty

Cytology And Cytological Techniques

Histopathological techniques

Anatomy,histo PHY of FGTASCUS & AGUSAim and principle of FixationAlum Hematoxylin
Amyloid DefinitionAmyloid demonstration
Carbohydrate classificationCarbohydrate classification
Carcinoma insutocells of non-epithelium originClassification of FixativeCollagen fibe
Connective Tissues and StainIIConnective Tissues and StainII
DecalcificationDecalcification 2
cyto stainingcypres respi and GITEndpoint of decalcificationEndogenous non-hematogenous
Endogenous PigmentEndpoint of decalcification
cytopreperatory techdysplasiaFrozen sectionglycogen definition, diagnosis, and demonstration
Introduction and classification of hematoxylinIron Hematoxylin
Inflammationinvasive carcinomaMethod of preparation of tissueMicrotome and microtomy
Mucin classification, site, diagnostic, and demonstrationNUCLEIC ACID
LBCNon-gynecological cytologyNUCLEIC ACID-2Pigment definition and classification
Reticular and elastic fiberSetup and organization of histopathology lab
normal cells of FGTThe Bethesda SystemSynthetic and Natural dyeTheory of stain and method of coloration
Tissue processing and embedding 



Clinical chemistry Specialty

Advance clinical chemistry

Primary care in Clinical Chemistry

Body fluids L18 -L19- L20-  L21Endocrinology L22Ca 2+,PO4,Mg+2 and Cl-1 (L36 – 39)Ca 2+,PO4,Mg+2 and Cl-1 (L36-L37- L38 – 39)
Enzymes of Clinical Interest L4 – L5Enzymology L1 – L3Carbohydrates Disorders (DM) (L 14 – 16)Carbohydrates Disorders (DM) (L 14 -L15- 16)
GIT enzymes L  14Hypothalamus and pituitary L24 – L25disorder of some electrolyte & water L33 – 34Introduction to CHO (L-13)
Liver enzymes marker L6 – L7Methods of Hormone Assay L23Introduction to NPNs (L 25 – 28))Introduction to NPNs (L 25-L26- L27 – 28))
Pancreatic Enzymes Disorder L8 – L9Parathyroid function&  disorders L28 – L29Liver Function L21 – 22- 23- 24microscopical examination L9
Prostatic Disorders L 12 – L13Skeletal muscles  enzymes marker L10 – L11Plasma Lipid L 17 – 18Plasma Proteins L19 – L20
Thyroid function& disorders L26 – L27Tumor_Markers L15 -L16- L17Primary Care Clinical Chemistry(L1-L2-L3-L4 – L5)Urine Formation & Urinalysis(L6 – 7 – 8 )



Hematology and Immunohaematology Specialty

Anaemias and Haemoglobin Disorders Investigations

Leukaemias and Lymphomas Investigations

L 30Lecture 1,2Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaAcute Myeloblastic Leukaemias
Lecture 3,4lecture 5
Lecture 6,7lecture 8
lecture 9,10lecture 11
lecture 12,13lecture 14Benign WBCs DisordersIntroduction to Haemopoietic Malignancies
lecture 15,16lecture 17,18
lectuer19lecture 20.21
lecture 22lecture 23
lecture 24lecture 25,26Leucopoisis
lectuer 27lecture 28,29
lectuer 30



Parasitology medical entomology specialty

Tropical disease and public health




Parasitology medical entomology specialty

Tropical disease and public health

Immuno Parasitology

Strategies for the Prevention and Control of Infectious2. Immune system and structure-99116042362319173. Antibody diversity and class switching-7371604236623845
5. MHC Structure and Functions-76116042369426737. ELISA and Immunoflorecent-8261604236983353
CELLS OF INNATE IMMUNITY 2Immunodeficiency disorders
4. Ag-Ab reactions-1651604236739606Antibodies structure and function
B-cell developmentCell culture
cells of adaptive immunityClonal Selection
Feature of parasitic infection-1Feature of parasitic infection
HypersensitivityImmunity against Malaria
Immunity against TrypanosomaImmunity to parasitic infection
Immuno-molecules expression and detectionImmuno-molecules of para
IMMUNODEFICIENCY DISORDERSimmunodiagnosis (agglutination reaction)
ImmunohistochemistryImmunological consequences of parasitic infection
Immunological toleranceIntroduction to vaccinology for para
L 9 Antigens, immunogens, superantigen, haptens, and adjuvant-1L 19 Cytokines-1
L 20 Cytokines of innate immunity-1L 21 Cytokines of Adaptive Immunity-1
L 34 Precipitation and neutralization techniques-1L 44 Immunity to bacterial infection-1
L 44 Immunity to bacterial infection-1Lymphocytes separation and stimulation
radioimmunoassayRelationship Between Parasite and Host
SDS- PAGESerological tests
T-cell developmentTransplantation rejection and tissue compatibility
Transplantation rejectionTumor immunology
western blot