Medical Laboratory Sciences – semester -6

Introduction to Research (MLS –RESH -326)

Research Definition – L 2 Selection of research topic – L 3 Writing a research proposal – L 4
Reviewing the literature – L 5,  L 6 and L 7 2 Variables L8, L9 study designs – L 10
Sampling – L 11, L 12 Excercise in Study design and Sampling  L 13 data collection L 14, L 15
Research Data Mangment  L 17 & L 18 Quality in Research L 20, L 21 Research report  L 23, 24
Results interpretation and discussion – L 25 Conclusion and recommendation – L 26 Paper critique – L 27
L-19 L-16 L-22  Reference



Advanced haematology-MLS-HEMA-324

Abo Discrepancies ABO System Acute Lymphoblastic _Leukaemia
Acute Myloblastic_Leukaemias (AML) Blood donation Chronic Lymphocytic _Leukaemia
CHRONIC MYELOID _LEUKAEMIAS Coagulation system Direct _ _IndirectAntiglob_ulin test
Disseminated Intravascular _Coagulation (DIC) Erythrocytes Membrane Defects Fibrinolytic system
G6PD Haemolytic Anaemias Haemophilia
Hemolytic disease _of newborn Introduction to Immunohaematology Introduction to Leukemias
Introduction to WBCs disorders LEUCOCYTES BENIGN _DISORDERS Non-Malignant WBC -_Disorders
Normal Haemostasis_and Blood Vessel Role Rh System SICKLE CELL _ANAEMIA
Thalassaemias The Role of Platelets in _Haemostasis von Willebrand Disease



Laboratory management and quality assurance-MLS-QUAL-323


Customer Satisfaction and Performance Measurement L 3 + L4- Quality Management and Quality Assurance L 5+ L 6 + L 7- TQM and Continuous Improvement
L 9 + L 10- TQM Planning and Implementation L 13- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) L 14- ISO and Laboratory Accreditation
L 15- Six Sigma L 16- Quality Assurance L 17 + L 18- Quality Control
L 19- Control Materials L 20+ L 21- Statistical Quality Control System L 22- Introduce of a New Method
L 23+ L 24- Method Evaluation Organization and management of clinical laboratories  



Public health-MLS-PUBH-322

Association and Causation Burden of Infectious Diseases Dynamics of disease Transmission _(Chain of Infection)
Epidemiology Growth and development Infection Control and Prevention
Integrated Management of _Childhood Illness (IMCI) L1.Introduction to public Health Occupational Health
Research ethics Reproductive Health School Health
Screening Social _determinants_ of health Waste management



Molecular Biology and Techniques (MLS- MLBT-325)

QC and lab safety in molecular biology