Medical Laboratory Sciences – semester -4


 Clinical Microbiology-1 (MLS-CMIC-226)







clin micro (1)clin micro (2)
clin micro (3)clin micro (4)
clin micro (5)clin micro (6)
clin micro (7)clin micro (8)
clin micro (9)clin micro (10)
clin micro (11)clin micro (12)
clin microclin midro
L2 staph aureusL-4 CONS
L10- coraynbacteriuam sppL-17,18 bacillus spp



Basic Histology and Histological Techniques-MLS-HIST-222

Compound fixatives-Decalcificationepithelial tissue
Fixation and fixativefrozen sectiongenital system
Histology of Endocrine systemHistology of Muscular tissuesHistology of Small Intestine-6353
Introduction to the courseMethods of preparation of tissue and cellsMicrotomy
Mounting MediaThe Connective TissuesThe female genital _system
the lymphatic systemThe Respiratory SystemTheory of staining



Basic Microbiology-MLS-BMIC-224

(1) Structure of Bacteria4 introduction to mycologyANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE-converted
Antibiotics agents-convertedBacterial geneticsbacterial growth
bacterial pathogenesisclassification of filamentous fungiClassification of Microorganisms-7049
culture mediaHistory of Microbiology-7290Microbes in community 2-476
normal floraphysiology of fungiSpecimens collection _ transportation-1414
staining methodsVirus Cell culture-3509Virus classification-5346
Virus replication-1108  



Medical Entomology and Parasitology-MLS-PARA-223

Bed BugsBiting midgesBlack fly
ChrysopsCOCKROACHcollecting and preserving insects
Document from Waffo369FleaGlossina
Hourse flyIntroduction of Medical parasitologyLec 5 INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY
Lect 11,12,13 MosquitoesLicescorpions



Protozoology (MLS-PROT-225)

Giardia lamblia, L11,12Trichomonas vaginalis, L13,14
African trypanosomiasis, L23,24American trypanosomiasis, L25,26