Medical Laboratory Sciences – Semester -3


Basic Haematology-MLS-BHEM-214

Anemia of chronic disease B12 and folate metabolism ESR
Haemoglobin Synthesis _  Measurement HEMOCYTOMETRY introduction to Anaemias
iron metabolism and iron deficiency anemia LEUCOPOIESIS Macrocytic Anaemias
megaloblastic and pernicious anemia Non-megaloblastic macrocytic anemias nulsideroblastic anemia
packed cell volume Physiology of blood Romanowsky_s stains



Clinical Biochemistry-1-MLS-CCHM-217

L 24. Laboratory Hazards L 25. Colorimetry and Spectrophotometer L 26. Turbidmetry and Nephelometry
L 27- Units of Measurements L 28- Calculations L 30. Urine Formation
L 31. Physical Examination L 32-33. Chemical Examination L 42. Chromatography
L 43. Body Fluid (CSF) L 44-45-46- Bilirubin Synthesis and Metabolism



Introduction to MLS-MLS-INTR-212

Basic ethics in medical laboratory2 Business management of medical laboratory classification of medical lab
Medical Laboratory instruments (2) organization Role of the medical laboratory technologist
specimens in medical laboratory Types of reagents used-in-medical-laboratory



Basic Immunology-MLS-IMUN-215

Antibodies ANtigens autoimmune disease
B cell differentiation (2) Hypersensitivity Reaction MHC



Serology and Immunohaematology-MLS-SERO-216

(Coomb’s Technique) ABO discrepancies ABO grouping
blood group system immunoheam RH system



Basic Pathology-MLS-PATH-213

HEALING and repair