Medical Laboratory Sciences – Semester -3


Basic Haematology-MLS-BHEM-214

Anemia of chronic diseaseB12 and folate metabolismESR
Haemoglobin Synthesis _  MeasurementHEMOCYTOMETRYintroduction to Anaemias
iron metabolism and iron deficiency anemiaLEUCOPOIESISMacrocytic Anaemias
megaloblastic and pernicious anemiaNon-megaloblastic macrocytic anemiasnulsideroblastic anemia
packed cell volumePhysiology of bloodRomanowsky_s stains



Clinical Biochemistry-1-MLS-CCHM-217

L 24. Laboratory HazardsL 25. Colorimetry and SpectrophotometerL 26. Turbidmetry and Nephelometry
L 27- Units of MeasurementsL 28- CalculationsL 30. Urine Formation
L 31. Physical ExaminationL 32-33. Chemical ExaminationL 42. Chromatography
L 43. Body Fluid (CSF)L 44-45-46- Bilirubin Synthesis and Metabolism



Introduction to MLS-MLS-INTR-212

Basic ethics in medical laboratory2Business management of medical laboratoryclassification of medical lab
Medical Laboratory instruments (2)organizationRole of the medical laboratory technologist
specimens in medical laboratoryTypes of reagents used-in-medical-laboratory



Basic Immunology-MLS-IMUN-215

AntibodiesANtigensautoimmune disease
B cell differentiation (2)Hypersensitivity ReactionMHC



Serology and Immunohaematology-MLS-SERO-216

(Coomb’s Technique)ABO discrepanciesABO grouping
blood group systemimmunoheamRH system



Basic Pathology-MLS-PATH-213

HEALING and repair