Medical Laboratory Sciences – Semester -2


Basic Biochemistry


CHO metabolism Enzyme mechanism of actions
Fat soluable vitamins 1,2 Fate of pyruvate
Glycogen metabolism 1 Glycogen metabolism 2
Galactose and fructose metabolism Oxidative Phosphorylation and Electron transport chain
Pentose Phosphate Pathway TCA
Enzyme activity and enzyme inhibitors




physics for medical equipment and investigations (MLS-PHY-124)

Atomic Nucleus Basic Principles of Heat
Heat Transfer Radioactive Decay
Untitled presentation Osmosis, Diffusion Presentation
gas physical characteristic_and_ideal law




ANS I-5597 blood transfusion_ platelet-8035 BODY FLUID-2517
cardiovascular physiology-9024 cell-6644 CNS-7046
endocrine-9030 excitable-792 RBCs-6887
renal 1-2386 Respiratory system-2419 temp. regulation-9758
White Blood Cells.-9957    



Introduction to Medical Ethics

m ethic (1) m ethic (2)
m ethic (3) m ethic (4)




Introduction to Medicine and medical education



Formative vs Summative Assessments








anatomy of git Central Nervous System Anatomy
Endocrine system