Me-Faculty Course

Faculty Courses

Curriculum phases

The program is of five years’ (10 semesters’) duration divided into three phases, comprising 214 mandatory CHs and 13 elective CHs. A semester is 18-20 weeks in Phase 1 and 2, and 22-24 weeks in Phase 3. There are three compulsory Summer courses and three electives; credit hours of electives are included in the total. Any faculty, including medicine can opt to teach all university requirements in Semester 1. In this case, Semester 2 will include introductory courses to organ-system studies. The changing dates of national and religious holidays may necessitate changing the sequence of courses, with one- or two-weeks variations, which have been allowed by the Academic Council.
Phase 1: Introductory courses and university requirements (Semester 1)
Islamic studies 1 and 2 [ISLAM-111, 121]
Arabic language 1 and 2 [ARAB-112,122]
English language 1and 2 [ENG-113,123]
Introduction to study of medicine and medical education [ME-EDU-114]
Physics for medical equipment and investigations [ME-PHYS-115]
Computer science 1 and 2 [COMP-116, 126]
Biostatistics [STAT-117]
Phase 2: Introduction and integrated basic science organ system courses (Semesters 2-6)
Basic biochemistry [ME-BIOCH-118]
Genetics and molecular biology [ME-GENT-119]
Introduction to organ-system courses
Introduction to medical ethics [ME-ETHIC-226]
Growth and development [ME-GROW-126]
Man, and environment [ME-ENV-127]
Behavioral science [ME-BEHAV-119]
Principles of disease -1 [ME-DIS-212A]
Medical entomology and parasitology [ME-PAR-125]
Professional skills 1 and 2 [ME-SKILL-211, 221]
Principles of disease [ME-DIS-212B]
Blood and lymph [ME-HEMAT-316]
Immunology [ME-IMM-216]
Cardiovascular system [ME-CVS]
Respiratory system [ME-RES-213]
Primary health care [ME-PHC-215]
Musculoskeletal system [ME-MSK-223]
Nutrition and metabolism [ME-NUT-224]
Gastro-intestinal system [ME-GIT-225]
Basic epidemiology [ME-EPI-312]
Professional skills 3 and 4 [ME-SKILL-321]
Research methodology [ME-RES-227]
Graduation project [ME-GRAD-215]
Urinary system [ME-URO-3`13]
Reproductive system [ME-REPRO-314]
Endocrine system [ME-ENDO-315]
Structure of head and neck [ME-HAN-323]
Nervous system and special senses [ME-CNS-325]
Tropical medicine [ME-TROP-327]
Basic therapeutics [ME-PHARM-325]
Phase 3: Clerkships (Semesters 7-10)
Internal medicine clerkship [ME-MED-411]
Emergency medicine clerkship [ME-EMER-412]
Dermatology clerkship [ME-DERM-413]
General surgery clerkship [ME-SURG-421]
Orthopedics clerkship [ME-ORTHOP-422]
Ophthalmology clerkship [ME-OPTAL-423]
Ear, nose and throat clerkship [ME-ENT-424]
Psychiatry clerkship [ME-SYC-512]
Family medicine clerkship [ME-FAM-513]
Obstetrics and gynecology clerkship [ME-OBGYN-511]
Pediatrics clerkship [ME-PED-521]
Medical ethics and professionalism [ME-ETHIC-514]
Forensic medicine and law [ME-LAW-522]
Health informatics and hospital management [ME-HM-523]
Radiology and Imaging [ME-RAD-414]