Me-Career Advice

National University-Sudan

Faculty of Medicine Career Advice Office

Date: 20/9/2018

Supervisor of career advice office: Dr. Elriah Mohamed Makie

Faculty Dean: Dr Alsir Aboush


The practice of Medicine has a long standing history as a highly respected and ethical profession which can be traced back to the origins of the Hippocratic Oath in Ancient Greece during the 5th century.

The approach to health and disease has seen a dramatic change throughout history and every new generation of graduating doctors must be equipped with the necessary tools needed to make sound career choices. Our role as academic staff also makes us mentors to the students and as such establishing a career advice office was a crucial step towards achieving our goal of graduating safe, career oriented doctors.


The career advice office aims to support students in their future plans by;

  1. Mapping out the stages of establishing a professional medical career from the first day of university until graduation and beyond.
  2. Setting out guidelines that allow simple navigation of otherwise overwhelming career options
  3. Emphasizing key strategies that assist in building a career
  4. Providing a safe environment for inquiries regarding future plans or other concerns


Meeting (1)



Date: 18/9/2018 Time: 7:30am Location: PB-17

Target: First Year Students

Session Title: Medical school orientation Main Speakers: Dr. Thorea Farah

Transitioning from high school to university can be an extremely stressful and intimidating experience. The aim of this session was to welcome the latest batch of students beginning their journey as doctors and introduce them to the various aspects of studying medicine at NUSU. The most important points addressed during this session included;

  1. The role of basic medical sciences in understanding and applying clinical information.
  2. The need to focus on both theoretical and practical studies to ensure a high GPA
  3. The importance on all branches of medicine and how students should be well aware of them
  4. Continuous scientific research and the central role it has in any medical career
  5. Maintaining high ethical standards especially with patient privacy and colleague interaction
  6. Possible road blocks and challenges faced in the medical world
  7. Improving Arabic, English and other foreign languages when possible to enhance future career options
  8. Student life at NUSU
  9. The future of medicine, specialization options and job opportunities


Students were given a chance to voice their concerns and raise questions throughout the session. They were advised that hard work was essential for them to achieve their goals. They were also reminded that the doors were always open for them and that they should never to hesitate to ask for help should they need it.


Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Thorea Farah