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The National University library holds a diverse collection of literature that covers the needs of research and teaching purposes of the institute. Subject coverage includes Medical Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, and International Relations.

The library’s goal is to support the curriculum needs and to contribute to the quality of the overall learning experience of the National University. It is to serve as a gateway to sources of information vital for teaching and research achievement.

Our library currently includes two rooms which can be booked for the students’ group discussion, namely  second year Medical Students Class Room, and third year  Medical Students Class Room. 

For more information about the libaray services contact:

Tel: 0155772782 Email: 

Opening hours

Saturday to Thursday
7:30am to 4pm

Discussion rooms are free for booking between 2:30pm to 4:30pm and 8am to 11am 

Fridays and official holidays the library is closed.