International Relations & Diplomatic Studies Semester -7


Regional Integration IR-416

regionalismRegional Integration lec1Regional Integration lec2
Regional Integration lec 4IGAD presentationInternational Finance 2019
International Production Jan 2020Introduction to IERs lecture 1 Dec 2019International Trade Lecture December 2019




Lec.1 Introduction to AfricaLec. 2 Ancient African CivilizationLec. 3 Colonialism in Africa
Lec.4 African DiplomacyLec.5 Foreign policyLec.6 African Union and Foreign Policy
Lce.7- Foreign Policy Making In West AfricaLec.8 Ethiopia Role and Foreign policyLec.9 The horn Of Africa
Lec.10 Foreign Policy Making In South Africa  



Theory &Policies of International Development IRDS-415

SDGsDependency theory 3Development challenges
development indicators classInternational Development  Jan 18International Development Rev
theories of development 4 August 19Washington Consensus 



Non-Governmental Organization & International Politics IRDS-417

NGOs LECT. (3)NGOs LECT. (4)NGOs LECT. (5)
NGOs LECT.(7)NGOs LECT. (8)NGOs LECT.(8) NGOs Problems
NGOs LECT. (9) Enhancing Develop. RoleNGOs LECT. (10) Diplomatic FIGsNGOs LECT. (11) NGOs Crup. Crime & Piracy
NGOs LECT.(12) N Weapons& MinesNGOs LECT. (13) NGOs and Global peace 



Ethnicity and Nationalism in World Politics  IR-414

Lecture (1)Ethnicity theories (1)

Reading assignments

Lecture (2)Lecture (3)Ethnicity_versus_nationalismErich Kolig, Vivienne SM. Angeles, Sam Wong – Identity in Crossroad Civilisations_ Ethnicity, Nationalism and Globalism in Asia (AUP – ICAS Publications) (2010) –
Theories of Ethnicity (2)Ethnicity and Nationalism in world politicsSinisa Malesevic – Identity as Ideology_ Understanding Ethnicity and Nationalism (2006) – (1)Smith, Anthony D._ – Nation in History (2014, Wiley) –
An ethnic problem in Canada (Quebec region) Stephen May – Language and Minority Rights _ Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Language (2012, Taylor & Francis Group) – 



Spanish Language (7) IRDS-413

Spanish language -7Spanish le 10



English language 7 IRDS 411

English language 7 IRDS 411