International Relations & Diplomatic Studies Semester -6


Contemporary African Politics

Lecture1contemporarty African Politics lecture2 slave trade
Lecture3 Impact Of Slave Trade Lecture4 European Imperialism in Africa
Lecture5 African Nationoliizm Lecture6African Decolonization
Lecture7 lagcy of colonial on africa Lecture9 the main impediments to democracy in Africa(2)(1)
Lecture9 the main impediments to democracy in Africa(2) Lecture10 THE POLITICS OF FOREIGN AID AND DEBT IN AFRICA




Global Perspective on Public Diplomacy

Lecture1 introduction Lecture2 from propagenda to public diplomacy
Lecture3 Soft Power Lecture4 Public Diplomcy and Soft Power
Lecture5 History O f Public Diplomacy Lecture6 Types of Public Diplomacy
Lecture7 Communication and Public Diplomacy Lec. 6 Lecture8 Communication and Poblic Diplomacy