International Relations & Diplomatic Studies Semester -4


international law (IRDS-227)

Human Rights salah El-MubarakInternational Law 2 Salah El-MubarakInternational Law 152 Salah El-Mubarak
International law salah El-MubarakInternational_Law_and_Diplomacy Salah El-Mubarakintlaw-1-2week-ire Salah El-Mubarak
Introduction to international law.  Salah El-MubarakSubjects of international law Salah El-Mubarak 



Politics & Government in Sudan

Lecture1- IntroductionLecture2 The Kingdom of Kush
Lecture3The Turkiyyah 1821-1885Lecture4 Englo Egyptian Condominium
Lecture5 The Politics of IndependenceLecture6Numairy 1969- 1985
Lecture8 Conflict in Darfur 



Strategic Geography and geopolitics ,code-CHs_233-3




Chinese language (4) IRDS-222

chinese1 language-8