Faculty of Radiography And Medical Imaging


E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty Dean

Prof. Mohamed Elfadil Mohamed Garelnabi


E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty vice-dean

Dr. Maha Esmeal Ahmed Esmeal

Associate Professor

E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty Registrar

Ms. Gehan seied adrahman

Faculty Dean Message :

Welcome to National University-Sudan in Faculty of Radiography and Medical Imaging. Welcome to the place where you will realize that hard work and devotion go hand in hand in order to be able to achieve your goals.To achieve our ambitious strategic plan of providing our graduates with a unique opportunity to be truly successful, both nationally and internationally, we have appointed eminent academic staff members, and fully furnished and equipped laboratories and radiology clinics with state of the art equipment, and learning tools. We plan to enable the faculty to compete with those in the best universities in the world through teaching the latest globally developed technologies, upgrading the teaching facilities, and improving existing programs.

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Name of the Faculty

Faculty of Radiography And Medical Imaging.

Date of Establishment

Established in 2005 as a medical programme in the National College for Medical and Technical Studies. In 2014, the programme was renamed as “Faculty of Medicine” as part of the college being promoted to a university.

Full Address

Faculty of Medicine, National University- Sudan, El-Raqi Area, P.O box: 3783 Khartoum 11111, SUDAN.

Name of the University

National University – Sudan

Number of Batches Graduated

Ten batches have been graduated (the first batch graduated in 2010).


Emphasize values and ethical heritage of the Sudanese Nation in its curriculum, and follow strategies that lead to strengthening these values, as an important component of the National University philosophy and message.

Graduate practitioners with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MB BS), with strong community orientation and ethical components.

Strengthen medical and health research, making use of the University’s facilities and communication privileges.to promote up-to-date modern medical education.

Contribute to community development through health services provided in its own health institutions and other institutions co-operating with it, through the following:  

(a) partnership in designing health programs and plans, and implement whatever is feasible in  utilizing the experience of specialists,

 (b) Contribution in continuous education through short and long term courses, to improve efficiency of health workers, 

(c) Provision of essential equipment and supplies to improve quality of services, through partnership with the Ministry of Health.


The vision of this program is to be the first in the Sudan in quality premises, excellent design and implementation of modules, the fairest in evaluation and the best in professionalism of radiography and imaging technologists.


The mission of the radiography and imaging technology program is to graduate up-to-date
service and research-oriented technologists, with a strong commitment to solve relevant
health problems, in a rich-science environment, aligning, as an active member, with a
comprehensive and devout health team.