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Dr. A.Rahman Mohammed Alamin


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Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, National University-Sudan. This faculty was established in 2006 as a Computing and health informatics specialization to bridge the digital gap in the medical organizations. In 2017 another two specializations (Computer Science, Information Technology) were added to the faculty.Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology covers a vast spectrum of topics which can be distinguished by different areas of applications. Our curriculum provides a common core of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networks, Multimedia Systems, Software Engineering, database Information Systems, and information Security.Our mission is to prepare students for positions of leadership in industry, government, and academia by empowering them with computer scientist knowledge with skills and experience in the following areas: Web Applications, Networks and Security, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, , Software Engineering, and database Information Systems.


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Name of the Faculty

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Date of Establishment

Established in 2006 as a Computer Science and Information Technology programme in the National College for Medical and Technical Studies. In 2014, the programme was renamed as “Faculty of Medicine” as part of the college being promoted to a university.

Full Address

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, National University- Sudan, El-Raqi Area, P.O box: 3783 Khartoum 11111, SUDAN.

Name of the University

National University – Sudan

Number of Batches Graduated

Six batches have been graduated (the first batch graduated in 2010).


Emphasize values and ethical heritage of the Sudanese Nation in its curriculum, and follow strategies that lead to strengthening these values, as an important component of the National University philosophy and message.

To provide the necessary workers to bring about a renaissance of computer technology in the country.

To provide community service based on conducting scientific studies and applied research in the areas of Computer Science that have a direct impact on development in the community.

Strengthen computer science research, making use of the University’s accessibility and communication privileges.


               The Vision of Computer Science department is to be recognize locally and regionally as a leading department providing high quality education, researches and services.


                 The Mission is to upgrade human capacity in all areas of computer Science, using modern scientific methods, while contributing to the community service and the competencies required to contribute to the advancement of scientific research.