Faculty-business Admin

Faculty of Administrative Sciences


E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty Dean

Dr. Omer Abdelhamid Ibrahim Gibree

E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty vice-dean

Dr. Maysoon zakaria abd alrahman algosy

E-Mail : info@nu.edu.sd

Faculty Registrar

Ms. Mthani abdalazim

Faculty Dean Message :

On behalf of the National University of Sudan, I would like to welcome you to the exciting world of business administration.  The curriculum we offer in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences , draws mainly on the two tenents of business education. The functions of the enterprise on one side,  (production, marketing, finance, accounting.) and the functions of management on the other. Within this premise, a range of different specialties make-up our curriculum. Namely a Bs.C. In management, accounting, marketing and MIS. We firmly believe that, that the courses within  these specialties, are more than enough to cater for the needs of our students who will become future managers. I call on those of you who have the desire to pursue a business career to join our college.  We are convinced that, we have what it takes, to provide the knowledge you require, in the specialization you choose. We do have the staff, the premises, the equipment and the latest education technology needed in this regard.

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The Faculty of Administrative Sciences (National University-Sudan) would like to announce that the applications for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are now open. Registration will be…..


Name of the Faculty

Faculty of Administrative Sciences

Date of Establishment

Established in 2008, with teaching programs at  both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Full Address

Faculty of Administrative Sciences
, National University- Sudan, El-Raqi Area, P.O box: 3783 Khartoum 11111, SUDAN.

Name of the University

National University – Sudan

Number of Batches Graduated

Eight batches have been graduated (the first batch graduated in 2012).


Emphasize values and ethical heritage of the Sudanese Nation in its curriculum, and follow strategies that lead to strengthening these values, as an important component of the university’s philosophy and message.

Graduate AS professionals at the entry levels with strong community orientation and ethical components, and self-directed learning capabilities.

Strengthen medical and health research, making use of the University’s facilities and communication privileges.to promote up-to-date modern medical education.

Contribute to community development through health services provided in its own health institutions and other institutions co-operating with it, through the following:  

(a) partnership in designing health programs and plans, and implement whatever is feasible in  utilizing the experience of specialists,

 (b) Contribution in continuous education through short and long term courses, to improve efficiency of health workers, 

(c) Provision of essential equipment and supplies to improve quality of services, through partnership with the Ministry of Health.


        Attaining a prominent and distinctive position in the quality and excellence of academic programs, scientific research and community partnership among similar colleges majoring in business administration fields at the local, regional and international level.


        The mission of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is to provide an excellent education consistent with the National University mission statement. It prepares graduates to perform successfully in the business environment by creating cooperative learning environment among students, faculty and other stakeholders. This mission emphasizes fundamental skills that will enable our graduates to adapt to a dynamic Business Environment.