Engineering – Semester -4


Materials sciences and engineering

Lecture 1 Intro to Materials science Lecture 2 materials classifications
Lecture 3 Structure relations-converted Lecture 6 Ceramics and glass materials-1
Lecture 7mechanical properties Lecure 8 introduction to nanotechnology
Lecture 10 corrosion anddegradation of materials-ppt lecture  7 polymers

Advance Surveying

Advance Surveying lectre 1

Advance Surveying lectre 2

Advance Surveying lectre 3

Advance Surveying lectre 4 Advance Surveying lectre 5

Advance Surveying lectre 6

Advance Surveying lectre 7

Advance Surveying lectre 8

Advance Surveying lectre 9

Advance Surveying lectre 10 Advance Surveying lectre 11

Advance Surveying lectre 12

Into to Electrical Engineering

Int (1) Int (2) Int (3)
Int (4) Int (5) Int (6)
Int (7) Int (8) Int (9)
Int (10) Int (11)  


numerical lecture No. 1(CE) numerical lecture No. 2(CE)

numerical lecture No. 3(CE)

numerical lecture No. 4(CE)

numerical lecture No. 5(CE)

numerical lecture No. 6(CE)

numerical lecture No. 7(CE)

numerical lecture No. 8(CE)

numerical lecture No. 9(CE)

numerical lecture No. 10(CE)

numerical lecture No. 11(CE)

numerical lecture No. 12(CE)

numerical lecture No. 13(CE)

numerical tutorial no.2(CE)

numerical tutorial no.3(CE)

numerical tutorial no.4(CE) numerical tutorial no.5(CE) numerical tutorial no.6(CE)
numerical tutorial no.7(CE) numerical tutorial no.8(CE) numerical tutorial no.9(CE)
numerical tutorial no.10(CE) numerical tutorial no.11(CE) numerical tutorial no.12(CE)
numerical tutorial no.13(CE)    

Civil  + Electrical

Occupational Safety and Environment

Safety 1 Introduction Safety 2 Safety and Health movement Safety 3 Role of Organization Labour
safety 4 Toxicology and hazards safety 5 Accidents 1 safety 6 Accidents 2
Safety 7 Personal protective Equipment.pptx safety 8  Environmental Pollution1.pptx Safety 9 Environmental pollution 2.pptx
Safety 10 Solid Waste material Safety 11.pptx  


Data Structure and Algorithms (COM-221) 

Lecture 1 Data Structure and Algorithms Lecture 2 Sorting Algorithm Lecture 3 Searching Algorithm1
Lecture 4 Searching Algorithm2 Lecture 5  Structures a Lecture 7  Linked Lists
Lecture 8  Linked Lists Lecture 9 Stack Data Structure Lecture 10 Queues
Lecture 11 Trees Lecture 12 All things together