Dental / Semester – 6


Community Dentistry

1.Epidemiology of periodontal diseases2.fluoride facts and fluorosis
3.Early Childhood Caries4.Epidemiology of oral cancer




General medicine (DE-MED-411)

AA introduction General Medicine CourseACSACUTE LEUKAEMIAS IN ADULTS
CVA  and epilepsydiabetes management and complication.ppt 1 (1)Disorders of the Parathyroid Glands
HypertensionHyperthyroidism by Dr Sarma(1)Hypothyroidism by Dr Sarma (2)
Pneumoniarenal failureValvular heart disease.ppt (1)




General surgery (DE-SURG-421)

head and neck tumorHistory EXLower GIT Bleeding
parathyroid diseasesportal hypertensionPreop assessment
Sterlization and disinfectionsuture materialsthyroid
trumaUpper GIT Bleedingvascular anomalies




Dental and oral pathology (DE-PATH-314)

1.classification2.inflammatory cysts3.Developmental Cysts 1
4.Developmental cysts 25.Non odontogenic cyst6.Non epithelilized jaws cysts
7.Soft tissue cysts8.classification _ameloblastoma9.Epithelial odontogenic tumors
10.Ectomesenchymal odontogenic tumors11.Mixed odontogenic tumors12.Malignant odontogenic tumors
13.Classification of bone diseases14.Inflammatory bone diseases15.Genetic bone diseases
16.Metabolic _ hormonal bone diseases17.Dystrophic _idiopathic bone disease18.Fibro-cemento-osseous lesions
19.Giant cell lesions20.Biopsy Types and Indications21.Defenitions and classification of soft tissue lesions
22.Epithelial Pathology23.Connective tissue benign tumors24.muscles and bones benign tumors
25.vascular and neural tumors26.Pigmented Lesions27.Keratotic lesions 1
28keratotic lesions 229.Oral Cancer30.Sarcomas
31.LYMPHOMAS32.THE NORMAL SALIVARY GLANDS33.Classification of salivary gland diseases
34.Autoimmune and tumor like lesions salivary gland diseases35.Classification of salivary gland neoplasm36. Benign salivary gland tumors
37.Malignant salivary glands tumorsDental and Oral Pathology course objective 




Professional skills.4 (DE-skill-321)

caries diagnosisCaries preventionCaries Risk Assessment
Class 1 and II amalgaminstruments for tooth prepintrd non cariuos
introduction tol Operative DentistryThe class III tooth preparationTOOTH PREPARATION