Oral Medicine

APHTHAEErythema multiformeGastrointestinal diseases &oral cavity
hematological diseases (2)HIVintroduction to oral medicine
oral ulcerationpemphigusSystemic lupus erythematous
viral infection  




Conservative Dentistry-1

lec.1 Patient Assessmentlec. 2 examinationlec. 3 treatment plan
lec. 4 Infection Controllec. 5 ISOLATION OF THE OPERATING FIELDlec. 6 Operating Positions
lec. 7 Matrices and wedgeslec. 8 management of the deep carious lesionlec. 9 Tooth wear
lec. 10 Dental adhesion  





3. cementum19.10. gingiva
Classification of periodontal diseaseetiology of periodontal diseases
introduction to periodonticLEC blood supply and aging



Maxillofacial Surgery-1

Local Anesthesia 1local anesthesia 2
Pathophysiology of pain