principle of diseases II

Cell injuryAdaptationacute Inflammation
Chronic InflammationHemodynamic disturbances ΙIAmyloidosis
ana -anatomy of blood vesselsBone Fractures 2Calcifications
Cell structure and function-convertedHealing & RepairHuge & shock
Homeostasis-convertedneoplasiaOdema hyperemia
principles II introductory  



Cardiovascular System

16 Development of  Cardiovascular systemana -anatomy of blood vessels-1Blood supply  of heart
Conduction system of the heartheartHISTOLOGY-OF-THE-CIRCULATORY-SYSTEM
LECTURE 1-MediastinumNerve supply of the heartnull
null(1)Surface anatomy of Heart 



Professional Skill-1

L1- Communication SkillsL2- Hand washing and scrubbingL3- Vital Sings
L4-Rule of  drug administrationL6- CPRL7-Nasogastric tube insertion
L9-Catheter Insertion  



respiratory system

Thoracic WallLarynx lecturelungs and pleura 2019
Anatomy of nose2development of the respiratory systemHistology of respiratory system
nos larynx